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What is the accidental damage fee?
What is the accidental damage fee?
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When you book a Top Villas property you will be charged an accidental damage fee. Unless otherwise stated all bookings are subject to this fee, which is payable with the final balance.ย 

This fee covers you for minor accidental damage to the villa and its contents during your stay, up to the value of approximately $500. The fee is payable in addition to the security deposit that may be shown in your price breakdown.
If damage is caused to the villa and/or its contents during your stay we shall, at our absolute discretion, make a determination as to whether the cost of any repair and/or replacement should be deducted from your security deposit or whether the damage is sufficiently minor and accidental in our opinion to be covered by the accidental damage insurance.

Intentional damage or gross negligence is not covered by accidental damage insurance. Any damage must be reported to the management company prior to checking out. If you fail to report any damages the fee will not cover you and you will be charged for the cost of repairs or replacement items.

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