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Can friends and family visit me during my stay?
Can friends and family visit me during my stay?

Information about who can visit and stay at the property.

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Family and friends are welcome to visit you during your vacation, but only those named on the booking form are permitted to stay overnight. Under no circumstances may more than the maximum number of guests specified in the villa description occupy the property, except by prior written agreement.

Parties, weddings and corporate events are prohibited in all homes unless prior permission has been granted. Violation of this rule could result in you being evicted from the property or invoiced for the additional charges that would have been payable had such permission been granted.

In the event of any additional guests occupying the property without permission, all guests may be evicted from the villa without being entitled to a refund.

If you're intending to travel for a wedding or other event and would like to know more about suitable properties, please contact our Guest Experience team.

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